Board of Governors

From our Board of Governors to our policies and regulations, find out about the way the Peninsula College is run

Board of Governors

Peninsula College is overseen by a distinguished Board of Governors which comprises a group of passionate individuals who are enthusiastic about providing the best education with the best interests of our students in mind. They are responsible for providing strategic planning, developing and fostering linkages with the community and relevant industries, both on a local and global platform. The Board also ensures the implementation of the College’s Constitution and we are very fortunate to have such a highly committed and professional team.


  • Providing strategic planning - oversight of the educational character and mission of the College
  • Promoting efficient and effective management and provide overall review of College operations
  • Developing links with the community, corporate sectors and relevant industries
  • Fostering global linkages and internationalisation in relation to higher education and research
  • Ensuring, laws and policies and to ensure that every Authority, officer or committee keeps within its or his powers and terms of reference.