MyQuest 5 Star

Peninsula College awarded MyQuest 5 Star from the Ministry of Higher Education

Peninsula College is proud to have achieved another milestone in its 22-year journey by attaining a 5-Star award from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in the recent Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges or MyQuest rating for the year 2018/2019.

This award has solidified Peninsula College as a higher education institution that provides quality education aligns with the MyQuest rating system which is assessed through factors that include teaching and learning practice, pastoral support as well as student personal development support.

MyQuest is an instrument established by MOHE to appraise the excellence of private college and universities in Malaysia, emphasizing on 5 core quality criteria which include student profile, programme recognition, graduate recognition, quality of resources and soundness of governance. With this achievement, we conform to the MOHE Key Results Area (KRA) in elevating the quality and internationalization of higher education that contribute to graduates' employability in the future.

"Despite a rocky ride past year, it feels truly amazing to start the New Year with a great news," said the Chief Executive of Peninsula College Shah Alam, Mr Edmund Edward. He further added, "This again reflects the commitment of our team to shape the identity of our future generation. I would like to thank all of our students, alumni who trusted and chosen us for their tertiary pathway."

Peninsula College always believes in a holistic approach towards education. Beyond the traditional teaching and learning, Peninsula is committed to build a community who is nurtured for the betterment of self, surroundings and society, staying loyal to our motto, "Your Employability…Our Priority".

This recognition will serve as another stepping stone as Peninsula College continues to be an educational institution that cultivates future leaders who are of high morale and calibre.