Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2020

The Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge organised by the Penang State Government (Exco Youth and Sports), Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) and Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur Session (PCCC YES) under the initiative of “Youth of the Future” aspires to cultivate interest in entrepreneurship and encourage youth entrepreneurship.
One of the two teams representing Peninsula College manage to snag an achievement during the challenge, led by Chew Mei Marn, Tang Zu Ying and Janice Tan. The team’s project, Xueue is an application that aims to revolutionise the food and beverages industry by providing patrons a platform to view real time restaurant capacity. “Everyone was very proactive and we had a lot of help from our lecturers to help us prepare before we were actually present on the day itself” Janice mentioned during an interview.
Unreal, is the word that Janice used to describe the team’s success; “Being accounting students, we’ve never done a business plan before. So, to be able to accomplish all of this within a week and being able to get this far really feels surreal” Janice added on to her team’s accomplishment.
The team had the support of Dr Lim Hui Ling, Mr Khor Seng Cheong, Ms Mayzen Ting and Dr Stephanie Phang whilst the rest of the Peninsula faculty was present during their mock presentation to help complete their final preparations before the day of the competition. “The lecturers really caught us by surprise. We just asked Dr Lim to give us a few pointers while on our presentation to her and the next thing we knew, she called in a bunch of lecturers to be our audience. I was nervous but they helped me overcome it. I guess I needed that” Janice added.
Team Peninsula College took 2nd runner up for the competition despite being a fresh face in the higher education scene and would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Dr Lim Hui Ling, Mr Khor Seng Cheong, Ms Maizen Ting, Dr Stephanie Phang and the rest of the Peninsula College faculty for bringing out the best of our students by staying true to our motto, Your Employability…Our Priority.