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Circulation Services

Member Category Book Number Loan period TOTAL BOOKS
Open Shelf Red Spot Open Shelf Red Spot
Students 3 - 1 weeks - 3
Full Time Lecturer 4 2 4 month 1 week 6
Part Time Lecturer 2 1 3 month 1 week 3
Non Academic Staff 2 1 1 month 1 week 3
External Members 2 - 2 weeks - 2

Table 2

Reference Services

These services include the assistance of credible librarians, library induction and information literacy program.

Librarian will assist users in finding the right resources needed for their assignments, projects, teaching, and research as well as answers related to the library enquiries.

Library induction will be given to all the new students during the orientation week. This is to familiarize the students with the collections, services, and facilities at the library. Library information literacy is to enhance the users’ information skills. It educates the users on how to get access and search the library resources as well as making use of them for their assignments and projects references.

Click HERE to request Information Literacy Training Programme

External Membership

For external users who wish to visit and use the services at Francis Light Library (The SHIP Campus), they are required to apply for an external library membership. All registered students (Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate) and staff of Peninsula College (PCN and PCC) will automatically become members of the library.


  • External members are NOT permanent members.
  • Membership fees are on yearly basis.
  • External membership is divided into 2 categories.
    • Category 1: Reference & Facilities (Allows members to refer to printed materials and utilize the library facilities only.
    • Category 2: Reference, Borrowing & Facilities (Allows members to refer, borrow materials, have access to online resources and utilize the library facilities.

The details are as follows:

Categories Types of Membership (Privileges)
Reference and facilities (RM) Reference , Borrowing and facilities (RM)
Individual (above 18 years old) -e.g. Short Course students including ACCA, corporate training course RM50.00 per person RM200.00 per person
School students (Primary & Secondary school) RM20.00 per person RM100.00 per person
Family members (2 parents & 2-3 kids (above 7 years old) RM 100 per family of four persons RM200.00 per family
Private/local Universities Colleges RM30.00 persons RM200.00 person
Corporate Institutions & Government body (10 persons) -Companies such as Jabil, Vitrox, Inari, Honda RM400.00 (for 10 persons) RM1,500.00 (for 10 persons)
PKT Staff None RM200 per person
Peninsula College Alumni None RM200.00 per person
Member of EGH and Gym Centre None RM200 per person

External Membership Registration

  • Fill in the External Library Membership and provide 1 photo (passport size).
  • All the necessary fees need to be paid on the registration day.
  • Respective staff will process the application within 3 working days and once the membership card is ready, staff will notify through email/WhatsApp
  • The applicant will be given the membership card and the library guide.

Note: The external members handbook can be viewed HERE.

Click HERE to register as External Members

Discussion Room Booking

Book Here :

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