Student Life

‘What course should I choose? Where shall I stay? What will studying at Peninsula College offer me?’
Be ready for life as a college student and beyond

Student life with Peninsula College is a unique experience whereby students are able to find their own niche on campus; connect with students within or beyond campus vicinities; participate in student activities organised by the student council and faculty; hone their professional skills with on campus jobs and internships.

Make new friends before starting classes!

Students will undergo an orientation where they will be introduced to counselling services, amenities around the campus and the accommodation in and out of campus and not forgetting an ice-breaking session!

Our student counsellors are ever ready to aid students in any complication related to their life as a Peninsula student. With our Peninsula community, you will learn new skills, generate new ideas and take actions that prepare you to be an all-rounded individual.

What we study

Staying true to our motto – Your Employability…Our Priority, Peninsula College’s faculty of academicians are there to equip our students with in-depth subject knowledge and also hands on industrial experience.

At Peninsula College, we offer programmes ranging from certificate, diploma, degree and master across various majors such as logistics management, business studies, hotel management, e-business technology, computer science, and accountancy.

Our core principles emphasise our students’ as capable individuals who are nurtured for the betterment of self, surroundings and society.

Beyond classroom learning, our students are encouraged to organise activities and events that add value and contribute back to the community.

Our academic partners, University of Plymouth and University of Gloucestershire, UK provide our students access to learning and ideas from a global perspective.

Peninsula College is wholly owned by PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd, one of the largest logistics solutions providers in Malaysia. This positions Peninsula College as a pioneer skills and education provider in Southeast Asia with state-of-art corporate campuses in Selangor and Penang, Malaysia. This enables students learning to intersect with real life working environments; a platform for them to enhance their academic knowledge through hands-on exposure.

MQA & MOHE Recognised

Peninsula College delivers high quality education to our students. Our graduates consistently exceed rigorous national requirements set by the Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education.