What is PTPTN Loan?

Now that many of you have been accepted into Diploma programs, you may apply to PTPTN. But some of you may not even be aware of this. To those who are aware, there may be some grey areas that are filled with doubt. So let us explain to you how PTPTN works, right from the requirements all the way to paying them back, and everything in between.

The PTPTN Education Loan Scheme was established with the purpose of providing educational loans to students studying in Higher Education Institutions locally. These loans will enable students to finance a full or partial tuition fee and living cost during the study period, thus, opening up more opportunities for all students to pursue higher education.

Minimum Requirement

  1. You are a Malaysian citizen.
  2. You are aged 45 years and below.
  3. You must already have an offer to study at an institution of higher learning (both public and private institutions – colleges, universities and polytechnics are accepted).
  4. The course that you are pursuing is approved and accredited by MQA (Check if your course is accredited by MQA).
  5. The remaining period of your study must not be less than one year.
  6. You have no other sponsors.
  7. You must have an SSPN-i savings account before sending in your application.

What courses do they cover?


IPTA, Politeknik and IPTS*



Advanced Diploma

IPTA and Politeknik

First Degree


Professional Courses
(Full Time/Part-time/PJJ)






Exception of PTPTN

What exemptions are there?

PTPTN waiver will only be eligible for First Class Honour students that come from M40 and B40 families.

Do note however that First Class Honours may differ from university to university, so make sure you check with your counsellors so that you know what to aim for. Generally, however, First Class Honours typically requires you to have at least CGPA of 3.67/4.00, or higher.


How To Apply For PTPTN Loan?

Open an SSPN-i account

You can do this at any PTPTN counters, or at Maybank, Bank Islam, BSN, CIMB Bank, Agrobank or Bank Rakyat.

Open a savings account

You will need to open a savings account with a specific bank based on your choice of institution (IPTS panel banks; IPTA panel banks)

Buy a PTPTN number

This will cost you RM5 and is valid for six months from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)

Head to Peninsula Registry Department

Once compiling the necessary documents, submit them to our friendly staff at the Peninsula Registry Department and you're done!


Then feel free to contact us!

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