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IT has been a rough two years for many businesses due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. Yet the logistics and e-commerce sector has bucked the trend not just by surviving, but also by solidifying its relevance in the future of the digital economy. Peninsula College Malaysia has had its ears close to the ground for more than two decades when it comes to producing highly employ- able graduates.With the backing of its parent company, PKT Logistics Group, Peninsula’s curriculum in Logistics and E-Business Technology is packed with invaluable and up- to-date insights from the industry. Diploma in Logistics Management With over 65% of the Malaysian gross domestic product contributed by exports, naturally the impor-tance of logistics and supply chain management is much greater here than it is in other countries. With trade happening at break-neck speed, professional logisti-cians are in high demand to facili- tate the exchange of goods to the right place at the right time. Their job begins where the manufacturer produces the goods and ends when the goods are in the consumers’ hands. Logistics is more than stacking containers at ports. Such a career involves simulation, modelling, forecasting, problem-solving and even negotiating skills. This industry is best suited for inquisitive minds who are driv-en by the desire to understand pat-terns and trends within data. Such a career also challenges you to think on your feet under pressure.Under Peninsula College’s Diploma in Logistics Management programme, students learn theory and practical skills in operation. To ensure that graduates are industry-ready, the coursework is designed to equip them with knowledge in management, finance, IT and technology in the field of industrial logistics. Hands-on learning with seasoned industry practitioners ensures that students remain relevant in the job market upon graduation.Students are also encouraged to work part-time via PKT Logistics Group’s signature corporate social responsibility programme called Jom! Bekerja Sambil Belajar to gain real-world experience. After completing this course, graduates keen to pursue the UK degree course accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport can be exempted from Year 1, subject to the respective institution’s approval. As the college campuses are within the industrial park, those ready to join the workforce can leverage on the parent company’s network for job opportunities.Career prospects include logistics transportation, courier services, port management, trading and retailing, warehouse management and freight management. Diploma in E-Business Technology At just a fraction of the cost, the Internet allows businesses to reach markets beyond its borders. Now that the field of commerce and technology are closely intertwined, companies are hungry for talents with business acumen who can manoeuvre the digital world. Peninsula College’s Diploma in E-Business Technology is tailored based on the job market. Students are taught the basics of both fields such as economics, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, human resources and business law. Core topics from computer science such as Web development (C++, C#, PHP, HTML, JavaScript), database management, networking and design are delivered as well. This course will require students to run an online business as part of their coursework. From developing a website, marketing the product to managing finances, students will see what they’ve learnt come to life with the teaching team’s guidance. After completing this diploma, graduates can pursue UK degrees in relevant fields.Career prospects include e-business, advertising and promotion, market research, consumer services, retailing, e-marketing and social media marketing. Students can apply to start their studies for the Diploma in Logistics Management and the Diploma in E-Business Technology in either the January, May or September intake. Students with SPM, O-Levels, UEC or equivalent qualification may apply for the two year full-time courses.They can also study at any of its three campuses nationwide: the Ship Campus in Batu Kawan,the Lighthouse Campus in Shah Alam and the City Campus in Klang. For course enquiries, visit or call 016-330 9975 (The Ship Campus) or 03-3344 7961 (Lighthouse/City Campus).

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