The Lighthouse Campus Career

Vacancy List


LECTURERS for the following fields:

Logistic Management

Our Expectations:

  1. To prepare teaching materials and carry out lectures
  2. To work closely with the Academic Head, and be responsible for delivering the program using appropriate teaching learning and assessment methods, effecting any necessary modifications, communicationg information to students
  3. To respond to feedback from students, examiners, professional body and industry
  4. Other academic duties and leadership responsibilities.
  5. Pastoral care


  • Possess a minimum qualification of Masters, but preferably a PhD in the relevant discipline of studies for the above fields.

  • Have at least 3 – 4 years of teaching experience in College/University level

  • Candidate with a track record of achievements in developing and managing academic programmes for the following department/school preferred

  • Possess a genuine interest to establish a career in academia.

  • Experienced in outcome-based teaching & learning programs

  • Ability to relate to students and provide academic counseling


Job Specification:

  • Offering a responsive, specialist counselling and referral service to all students and staff experiencing a wide range and degree of emotional and psychological difficulty thus ensuring student retention, widening participation, academic achievement, academic participation and progression.
  • Provide a systematic time-limited assessment and counselling / psychological therapy service to students and staff with defined common mental health difficulties within the college counselling service.
  • Improving communication and proactively working with the student community, schools and departments to foster engagement and an understanding of services provided within Student Services.
  • Liaise with appropriate academic and other relevant staff to support widening participation and access, academic progress, and student retention.
  • To participate and organise the ongoing development and implementation of a career’s education programme for all students.

Job Requirements and Qualifications :

  • Bachelor’s degree in counselling and registered with Board of Counsellors Malaysia (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia).
  • Excellent communication and presentation skill.
  • Having good analytical skills, responsibility, observant, thorough and disciplined.

Application Form

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    Professor Dr Ian Pashby

    Advisor & Non-Executive Director
    Peninsula Higher Education Group

    Professor Ian Robert Pashby graduated from the University of Sheffield (UK) with a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy and then worked in research and development for Rolls-Royce (aero engines). He joined the Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick (UK) as a lecturer, was awarded his PhD for research in the processing of materials and subsequently promoted to Senior Lecturer.

    In 2000, he became Professor of Manufacturing Processes at the University of Nottingham (UK).

    Professor Pashby moved to the University of Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus in 2007 to become Deputy Head. became Pro-Vice Chancellor and then CEO of the campus in 2008. Returning to the UK in 2013, he became Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Hull (UK). He moved back to Malaysia in 2017 to lead the Peninsula Higher Education Group as its Group President and in 2024 became the Advisor.