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COLLEGE life gives us unforgettable memories. Apart from pursuing academic achievements, it is also a time to learn the art of socialising and developing one’s character.

Since Peninsula College was founded in 1998, it has always put student employability as its top priority.

Be it course content, class designs, staffing or internship, every aspect is geared towards giving graduates a head start in their careers.

Now, the college is focused on providing a comprehensive varsity experience for its students at its brand new headquarters called The Ship Campus in Batu Kawan, Penang.

The Ship Campus is a culmination of three key elements for a fruitful university life: studying, living and working.

The main campus building consists of student amenities. Adjacent to it is a comfortable student residence, while right beside it is the latest logistics hub called The 12 Waves.

The 12 Waves is operated by the college’s parent company PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd, where students can do their internship or work part-time at the warehouse.

Work hard, play hard

With Malaysia’s leading logistics player as the parent company, Peninsula College’s most popular courses include logistics management, e-business technology and business studies.

With a strong focus on practical courses, this is also the reason The Ship Campus is based in an industrial park.

The college believes that bridging theory and practicum through internships early on in tertiary education will boost graduates’ confidence when they step into the working world. Plus, graduates with working experience will also be more favourable among future employers.

Even then, some may question: Is an industrial park a suitable place to live in and study?

In Batu Kawan Industrial Park (BKIP), most factories here are considered light and medium industries, such as E&E manufacturing or merely assembly.

Besides that, The Ship Campus faces the sea and is surrounded by mountains. With a bit of luck, one might even be able to catch the magnificent sunset!

The Ship Campus is also equipped with plenty of amenities for students to enjoy after classes without the hassle of traffic jams.

They can choose to sing at the KTV room, challenge their peers over a game of pool, and gather around the barbecue pit during weekends.

For those who enjoy their time alone, the café, library and gym are perfect spots to recharge.

Home away from home

The best way to fully experience varsity life at Peninsula College is to reside at the Peninsula student residence.

The dorms provide single and twin sharing rooms and can take up to 1,600 students.

In the middle of the dorm buildings is a beautiful fountain courtyard where residents can take a breather outdoors.

Keeping within the nautical theme, the hostel floors are named after famous voyagers and each level consists of a lounge fitted with unique interior design.

Hostel life cannot do without cooking, that is why the dorms come with basic facilities such as a stove, fridge, water dispenser and a beautiful dining area perfect for socialising over a meal.

Students can easily do their washing in the laundry room fitted with washing machines and dryers.

Parents can also rest assured that their children’s safety is taken care of at The Ship Campus. While both genders have their designated dorm building, they are also assigned to their respective wardens who look after their needs.

The campus also has 24-hour security patrol and all entrances are accessible only with an entrance card.

In a nutshell, Peninsula College provides a varsity lifestyle comparable to studying abroad without breaking the bank.

At the same time, students learn to be independent while staying on campus.

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